Meet the Team

We don't want to lie, this isn't the entire team. There are tons of people who have helped make this work. First Josh and I want to thank all of our family and friends for believing in us and making this possible. Throughout this process we have worked with comedians, web developers, marketing firms, and so many random people in between, there is no way this is just the "team". However, it's our names on the door so this is a little info about us.

Cameron Amigo

Cameron received his undergraduate degree from the United States Merchant Marine Academy in Long Island, New York. After graduation he returned home to Cleveland, Ohio where he began a career in international business (a little ironic, considering it's Cleveland – but it’s his story, who are we to judge). He spent his nights doing standup and going to graduate school, earning his Master’s in Business Administration from Cleveland State University.

In the summer of 2012 Cameron came up with the concept for Laugh Staff. That’s when he recruited the shorter (but funnier) Josh Womack and together they built the company.

In addition to his civilian duties, Cameron was deployed with the Ohio Army National Guard in 2013 to Kuwait, in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. 

Cameron is now living outside of New York City (because he hasn't sold enough speeches yet to live in Manhattan) pursuing his dream, a career in comedy.  

Josh Womack

Josh Womack is the Co-Founder of Laugh Staff and writes everyday for a variety of platforms. His vision for Laugh Staff is a company that infuses humor into every day conversation. 
A stand-up comedian since 2007 and an ordained minister since 2012, Josh knows the many emotions that come with public speaking. He has performed with the likes of Tom Arnold & Kevin Nealon and has also officiated over a dozen weddings in the state of Ohio. Everyone he has married are still together!
In 2015 Josh became a Copywriter at Progressive Insurance, writing digital and e-mail content. He is charged with creating words that cut through the usual boring insurance jargon. HR has shut down many of his suggestions.
In his free time, Josh blogs on comedy, self-help and entrepreneurship. Check out some of his articles below.