Funny Maid of Honor Speech

Funny Maid of Honor Speech Example written by Laugh Staff.

Best Man Speech Tips

Best Man Speech Tips from Laugh Staff

Write a Christmas Card that Matters

Yes, Christmas cards still exist, but to save them extinction learn the right way to write that will bring some holiday cheer.

Laugh Staff to the Rescue

Comedian Yusef Ali gives his take on why you should get help from a professional comedian before writing your best man or maid of honor speech.


Our friends at Overwhelmed Bride had us to do a guess blog for them.  In case you missed it, check it out here.

The Do's and Don'ts of Being a Co-Best Man

Congrats! You're the best man.....sorta.  If you've been tasked with being the "co-best man" this is a must read.

BRIDES-TO-BE: Guaranteed you forgot about this!

If you're getting married you must read this blog.  This is the number one guaranteed thing that 99% of Brides forget about for their wedding.

Lucky 7 Best (Wing) Man Tips

Steve Guy is a comedian and author from Cleveland, OH. He has hosted his own variety show, Up Late with Steve Guy, in addition to writing his first novel in 2013 titled Memoirs of a Wingman. He is the closest thing we've had to a celebrity write for us.

It’s Not You… It’s Them

Matt Razzante is an Actor, Motivator, Public Speaker, & In-Arena Host for the Canton Charge. He spends his winter nights speaking on court in fron of thousands at the Canton Memorial Civic Arena. Luckily for us he has taken a moment to share his public speaking tips with us. This is a great read for anyone no matter what your level of speaking skills.

Why I Would Opt For Speech Coaching

Comedian and Laugh Staff coach Kali Fencl talks about how she' s developed from a speech writer to a speech coach. She explains the importance of speech coaching, but don't take my word for it (yes, that was a Reading Rainbow moment).