“Laughstaff is the only place to go if you want your message to a loved one to be funny and more importantly - BE REMEMBERED! Make sure your feelings stand out with Laughstaff!”    - Al Jackson, Comedy Central Presents, MTV 'Made', Last Comic Standing

Spending time trying to write a heartfelt and funny best man speech is admirable, but you can’t find wedding toast or best man speech examples on the internet and think it will work for you – because it won’t.


Best man & maid of honor speeches are tough; our goal is to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. We want your speech to the best five minutes you've ever had with your pants on.


So stop watching “funny best man speeches” on Youtube and searching for "best man speech jokes".  Your story is unique – and chances are, it's pretty cool, too.   At Laugh Staff, we don’t want to change your story; we want to make it better.  Laugh Staff is made up of professional comedians who will act as your consultant and help you deliver a wedding speech that is both heartfelt and hilarious. 


Remember, it’s your story; we just want to make it better.




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